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Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane CAS NO.2627-95-4

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  • ProName: Divinyltetramethyldisiloxane
  • CasNo: 2627-95-4
  • Molecular Formula: C8H18OSi2
  • Appearance: colourless transparent liquid
  • Application: mainly used as the additive intermedia...
  • PackAge: plastic bucket,20Kg;metal pail,160Kg o...
  • ProductionCapacity: /
  • Purity: ≥99.0%
  • LimitNum: 0


1. introduction of divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane (cas no.2627-95-4) is one kind of colourless transpare…


1. introduction of divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane

divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane (cas no.2627-95-4) is one kind of colourless transparent liquid. besides, ethenyl-[ethenyl(dimethyl)silyl]oxy-dimethylsilane is the chemical name of this product. in addition, it belongs to the product categories which are including industrial/fine chemicals; monomer; si (classes of silicon compounds); siloxanes; si-o compounds; vinylsilanes, allylsilanes.

our divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane has the top quality of ≥99.0%. its details are as follows:

vm-18 divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane[cas register no:2627-95-4] 1、name:divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane 2、molecular formula:(ch2=ch)(ch3)2siosi(ch3)2ch=ch2 3、stucture formula: (-vi=-ch=ch2) (-me=-ch3) 4、physical and chemical features:colourless transparent liquid,=1.4118-1.4123,boiling point 139-139.5℃, =0.818g/ml. 5、quality specifications:purity≥99.0%,content of vinyl≥27.5%,(quality up to analyze purity). 6、 use:mainly used as the additive(intermediate)in the production process of additional type silastic、silicone gel、liquid silica gel,vinyl silicone resin,vinyl silicon oil. 7、package:plastic bucket,20kg;metal pail,160kg;or packaged as users require.

2. basic information of divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane

1) properties:

(1)acd/logp: 3.05; (2)# of rule of 5 violations: 0; (3)acd/logd (ph 5.5): 3.053; (4)acd/logd (ph 7.4): 3.053; (5)acd/bcf (ph 5.5): 123.083; (6)acd/bcf (ph 7.4): 123.083; (7)acd/koc (ph 5.5): 1090.869; (8)acd/koc (ph 7.4): 1090.869; (9)#h bond acceptors: 1; (10)#h bond donors: 0; (11)#freely rotating bonds: 4; (12)polar surface area: 9.23; (13)index of refraction: 1.419; (14)molar refractivity: 57.742 cm3; (15)molar volume: 228.612 cm3; (16)polarizability: 22.891×10-24 cm3; (17)surface tension: 17.327 dyne/cm; (18)density: 0.815 g/cm3; (19)flash point: 33.325 °c; (20)enthalpy of vaporization: 36.075 kj/mol; (21)boiling point: 138.999 °c at 760 mmhg; (22)vapour pressure: 8.161 mmhg at 25°c; (23)exact mass: 186.089618; (24)monoisotopic mass: 186.089618; (25)topological polar surface area: 9.2; (26)heavy atom count: 11; (27)complexity: 144.

2) descriptors of structure:

(1)smiles: c=c[si](o[si](c=c)(c)c)(c)c
(2)canonical smiles: c[si](c)(c=c)o[si](c)(c)c=c
(3)inchi: inchi=1s/c8h18osi2/c1-7-10(3,4)9-11(5,6)8-2/h7-8h,1-2h2,3-6h3
(4)inchikey: bitplixhrasdqb-uhfffaoysa-n 

3) physical properties:

physical property value units temp (deg c) source
melting point -9.97e+01 deg c   exp
boiling point 39 deg c   exp
log p (octanol-water) 5.470 (none)   est
atmospheric oh rate constant 5.32e-11 cm3/molecule-sec 25 est

4) uses of divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane

divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane is mainly used as the additive intermediate in the production process of additional type silastic, silicone gel, liquid silica gel, vinyl silicone resin, vinyl silicon oil. besides, it can also be used to produce 1,2-bis-(1,1,3,3-tetramethyl-3-vinyl-disiloxanyl)-ethene.

5) production of divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane

dimethyl-vinyl-silane can be used to manufacture this chemical. the detailed steps are as follows:

production of divinyl tetramethyl disiloxane

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